Friday, June 12, 2009

something's going on..

something's gonna happen very soon.i can FEEL it.
well..actually, i can't feel it but
momma's been buying stuff for doggies but she hasn't let me have them yet!
so suspicious!

new bed,still not mine.

new flexi leash,the red one.but my old one is still fine!

new collar. but it's too waay small for me!

lastly, two new HUGE bowls! why 2??

oh ya, theres also a plastic ball which jingles whenever you roll it.momma hid it in her drawer!sigh..what's going on?

Sunday, May 31, 2009

sun, rain, and lots of water!

went swimming with sheltie romeo yesterday!

it rained halfway though so the hoomans went to sit under the
shelter leaving us shelties to play in the rain.

nooooo! the water's gonna eat me!

i'm on top of the world!

hello big doggy!

finally out of the pool!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


momma went out today.she took some photos too!

the happy family

the male puppy

mother and son


sleeping pups!

female tri colour

male sable white

puppies are almost 1month already!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

fluffy fluffy!

hi ! momma brought me out today!
we went to the place where romeo had his birthday party!
there were so many shelties that momma had trouble finding me!
here i am!
momma: see you spoil the picture with your butt facing the camera!
treats! treats! can you tell who's who?
umm..this is shiro!
shiro and kaycie!
sisters kaycie and jaycie!
we were sharing secrets!shhh!
i wanna play too!
pssst!what was the secret?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

true colour thursday!

hi! momma found this game interesting and wanted me to play along too!
this week's colour is..GREY

TRUE COLOURS THUSRDAY is where there's a different colour every week and you've gotta post something about it!! heres the link to where you can see the colours for every week!!

momma's bed is grey!

and so in my dryer!!

this car too!

and mr husky!!


lastly....momma's socks are half grey too right??


''puppy hood''

hiya poochies!

momma finally downloaded the PC suite for her phone so now all the photos
she took when i first came are in my reach, muahahaha!!
anyways, why ''puppy hood'' and not puppyhood without these '''' ??
cus i was already half a year old when i met momma

so most of my puppyhood was gone already.
therefore, ''puppy hood'' means the period when i first stepped into my new home.

my first van ride home..where i puked all over the seat.

settling in

getting comfy!

i have my own bed, and a ball too?!!

thanks momma i love it!!

and thats how i spent my first day home!
dear fellow poochies, how about posting more about how you first arrived at your mommas' ?